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January - Top 12 New Years Resolutions From KB Staff

  • Spend more time with the family.
  • To make it to the health club 3 times a week.
  • To kayak more.
  • I resolve to be heart-healthy: a daily bit of exercise, glass of red wine, and morsel of dark chocolate.
  • My number 1 resolution is to learn as much as I can in my job so that I can be more productive and efficient.
  • To declutter my home this year.
  • Lose weight. I know its clich√© but I have to.
  • To just do things without overthinking, no hesitation.
  • Win more KB Bucks!
  • Go out this year and enjoy life.
  • I resolve to gain at least 10 pounds and to drink more.
  • Remodel my house from the bathrooms to adding a man cave in my 1200 SF basement.