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About Us

KBJW is a collective of professional engineers, surveyors, planners, scientists and project managers who share a passion for developing solutions and providing excellence in site development, design and analysis.

Offering a full range of civil engineering services, KBJW brings together the knowledge and experience of our team to deliver expertise in land planning, site design, landscape architecture, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, drainfield design, wetland delineation, and land surveying services.

This comprehensive approach is rooted in the firm’s history as a leading civil engineering firm, established in 1990 in Richmond, Virginia to serve clients across the mid-Atlantic region.

Today, KBJW supports clients in both public and private sectors based on our significant project experience providing design and consulting to universities, municipal and state government agencies as well as private developers and commercial landowners. Each site and each client represents a unique set of challenges and inspires KBJW to respond with innovative, forward-thinking solutions.

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