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Pilot Project Update

By Dan Jamison, Group Manager, Koontz-Bryant, P.C.

Pilot has purchased the Flying J and Shell location in Ruthers Glen, VA at the intersection of Rt. 207 and I-95. The are renovating the travel center and restaurant and making site improvements, namely relocating the auto and truck fueling islands. Koontz-Bryant has been hired to provide the civil engineering support for the site work and prepare plans to address the revised grading, drainage, landscaping, and Chesapeake Bay compliance. We have partnered with Ramey Kemp and Associates to provide the traffic engineering support. Pilot’s main concern is the timeframe to get under construction and we have committed to an aggressive schedule to meet the client’s goals. We are trying for a 2 week turn around to get approved construction plans in April and have construction completed for summer travel. For more information please contact Dan Jamison: 804-200-1903.