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Chris Workman Conducts Erosion and Sediment Control Presentation to Seniors at Thomas Dale High School

At the request of Mr. Al Stafford, Science teacher for Chesterfield County, Christopher A. Workman, P.E. presented a program on Erosion and Sediment Control to a group of about 25 seniors at Thomas Dale High School. The presentation catered specifically to students in the Environmental AP Honors Program who are most likely moving on to a college education.

The Erosion and Sediment Control presentation addressed the issues of:

  • the purpose of erosion and sediment control (E&SC)
  • the erosion process
  • the types of erosion
  • the factors influencing erosion
  • stormwater pollution
  • methods to reduce erosion and pollution
  • A brief discussion on sizingsediment traps and basins.

The presentation included many real-life examples of both good and bad E&SC, and several short movies on a basin failure. The presentation concluded by introducing the topics of stormwater permitting, stormwater pollution prevention plans, and regulatory enforcement.

Workman said, "As the students just studied soils as part of their honors engineering course material, a discussion on erosion seemed to pique their interest. I provided the students with a working outline of the presentation since E&SC was a current topic of study for them." Mr. Stafford said he would be testing the students on E&SC, and it would include much of what was covered in Workman's presentation. The time together was concluded with an informative question and answer session.

Chris Workman has also made presentations on “Investigative Engineering” and “How to use Chesterfield County’s GIS” to honor students at Thomas Dale High School. In addition, he was a judge for the school’s latest Science Fair. Chris Workman is available to conduct similar presentations to other schools or student bases that have a similar program. Please contact Chris to learn more about Erosion and Sediment Control, Investigative Engineering or other Environmental Engineering presentations.