Laboratory Services

Quality Construction Materials Testing

In the business of Construction Materials Testing, KBJW’s goal is to provide excellent service and accurate testing results with fair and competitive pricing. Our quality assurance program is a key component to these goals. This program is integral in our efforts allowing us to have a state of the art American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) accredited lab where we are able to perform the tasks associated with construction materials testing. AASHTO serves the transportation sector of our country’s infrastructure and utilizes the AASHTO manual of testing methods to govern the materials testing process. The USACE serves federal military installations and other federally funded infrastructure projects. The USACE utilizes the ASTM manual of testing methods to govern the materials testing process. Not working with an accredited lab could result in inferior materials that may greatly hinder the outcome of a project. The best way to ensure long term quality of a building project is to employ a reputable and accredited construction materials testing laboratory.

Being accredited is no easy feat. Getting there involves many steps with arguably the most important involving high standards in quality control. To become AASHTO accredited, a laboratory needs to participate in both the Laboratory Assessment Program and the Proficiency Sample Program (Minimum of three years of AMRL and CCRL participation records). These programs provide test specimens to all registered laboratories around the country. Upon completion of testing, the lab submits their test results for comparison and grading. Laboratories must receive minimum grading scores to achieve and maintain accreditation status. Upon successful completion of the Proficiency Sample Program, the laboratory may schedule an onsite review and inspection with the USACE and/or AASHTO organizations. The agencies complete a thorough site inspection to review the condition of testing equipment, the testing standards being followed, record keeping policies, and the proficiency of laboratory personnel.

Project Owner’s Benefits Using an AASHTO and USACE Accredited Lab

  • Conforming to specific national and international standards (ASTM and AASHTO)
  • Enhanced confidence in the testing results
  • Enhanced quality management of your materials
  • Quality testing with skilled employees
  • Up to date on trends and issues in the Materials Testing industry
  • Being current on modifications to testing standards and code requirements

Accreditation is only valid for up to 3 years and maintenance becomes a must to keep accreditation for the long term. To maintain accreditation a lab must effectively participate in programs to comply with the AASHTO Accreditation Program Procedures Manual requirements. If a laboratory ceases to comply with the requirements, accreditation will be suspended and will ultimately be revoked unless a laboratory can demonstrate compliance by the deadline specified in the suspension notice.  It is important that a lab is up to date and current with their accreditation to ensure continued standards in testing quality.

KBJW continues to invest every resource necessary to meet all requirements outlined by both agencies for accreditation. Our commitment to providing the highest standards of quality supports this type of investment. We perform an in-house quality assurance audit procedure annually monitoring the status of our program. This procedure aids in maintaining the quality of all equipment, records, requirements, and also demonstrates our commitment to high quality standards of our engineering services and products. With KBJW’s commitment to accreditation, our clients can be assured that procedures, record keeping, and testing results are always meeting the highest of industry standards. Our construction materials testing team strives to be a leader in our field and provide our clients with testing results that can be relied upon in all situations for compliance, acceptance, and quality control.

If you have questions or need further assistance with construction materials testing please contact Khalid H’sain, at 804-541-1436 or by email.