WaterJAM 2022

Waterjam 2022

Our KBJW team members spent three days in Virginia Beach at WaterJAM 2022.  Not only did we host a booth in the Expo Hall, two of our team members lead presentations!  As part of the Joint Annual Meeting of the Virginia Water Environment Association and the Virginia Section of the American Waterworks Association, our team met with groups from all around Virginia to discuss teaming opportunities, as well as how KBJW can help bring their unique civil engineering, environmental, geotechnical, and survey visions to life. 


Geologist, Ken Bannister, Director of Environmental Services, delivered a follow-up presentation on “The Fractured Bedrock Aquifer of the Virginia Fall Zone – Ramifications for Water Supply, Wastewater Injection, and The Virginia Coastal Plain Model,” to a packed room.  Ken initially introduced this concept to association members at WaterJAM 2021. 

View the presentation by clicking here! Bedrock Presentation 9-8-22.pptx  


And Todd Weik, Manager LID Design Services, joined the KBJW team for his first presentation at WaterJAM on “Using Blast Furnace Slag to Remove Ortho Phosphates from Stormwater Runoff.”  While this concept is common in Wisconsin, where Todd is based, this is a new concept being introduced in Virginia. Todd is currently discussing this process with the Virginia DEQ. 

View the presentation by clicking here! KBJW Todd waterjam 2022 rev 1