Stormwater Discharge Compliance

Koontz Bryant Johnson Williams offers assistance with stormwater discharge compliance. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) requires industrial facilities to conform with VPDES regulations governing industrial stormwater discharges. DEQ conducts random site visits to ensure that industrial facilities are complying with their site specific Industrial Stormwater General Permits. Non-compliance can result in the following actions:

  • Notice of Violation (NOV) and/or Warning Letter (WL)
  • A record of the NOV and/or the WL letter is placed in a facility’s file which can result in increased scrutiny by the DEQ
  • Order of Consent
  • List of violations that must be corrected via a legally binding agreement with DEQ by a specified date
  • Fines up to $32,500/day

Compliance Services

KBJW offers the following services to help you remain in compliance:

  • Permit application/renewal
  • eDMR application
  • Preparation and modification of the facility SWPPP
  • Routine inspections
  • Stormwater sampling  design and implementation
  • Preparation and implementation of Corrective Action Plans
  • Annual Comprehensive Site Evaluation training
  • Assistance with TMDL requirements
  • 2019 Permit Compliance Review
  • Regulatory Liaison

For more information please fill out the form on this page or contact Jim Patterson, CPG, Senior Environmental Project Manager at 804-541-1436 or by email.

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