KBJW AASHTO Accredited Laboratory

5 ``Coolest`` Things You Didn't Know About ... The KBJW AASHTO Accredited Lab

# 1

Breaking Cylinders - Testing the compressive strength of concrete samples cast in the field.

# 2

Hydrometer Analysis - Determines % of silt and clay fines within a soil sample.

# 3

CBR’s - California Bearing Ratio – Determines relative strength of soils for use in pavement design.

# 4

Atterberg Limits - Determines liquid and plastic limits of soils. These values are used in soil classification, determination of shrink/swell potential, and multiple site design tasks.

# 5

Specific Gravity of Fine and Coarse Aggregates - Determine the unit weight and absorption values of aggregates used in concrete and asphalt

Favorite things about our Lab

The work we do in our lab is top notch due to the understanding of the expectations we have set for our lab. Whenever we receive a sample, we make sure to follow all the steps in accordance with the specific ASTM standard to make sure all samples are set up, run, and calculated to the highest of standards. Our employees make sure to give 100% effort in everything we do in our laboratory.