Markets » Overview

Koontz-Bryant’s core markets have grown over the years to include local, state and federal government, public and private educators, and a broad cross section of the development and construction community.  Representative project information is shown within each market sector.

Our markets include:

residentialResidential -- A quality residential development is more than just an exercise in engineering. The final look, feel and presentation of the lots and roads within the development are critical to the marketability of the lots. Read more.

educationalEducational -- As infrastructure costs continue to escalate and new regulations are imposed, innovative site designs have become a requirement, not an option for most educational facilities. Read more.

streetscapeStreetscape -- A good street environment may come in several forms. Many are notable for their commercial bustle, some for their wide sidewalks, and others for the quality of architecture that frames them. Read more.

residentialParks & Recreation -- As resident populations grow and the demands on existing parks and recreational facilities increase, localities are trying to find cost effective ways to develop new projects, and are seeking creative opportunities to expand existing facilities. Read more.

athleticAthletic -- Increased competition at all levels of athletics has created a need for owners to provide facilities constructed to a higher standard. Whether upgrading existing facilities or designing a new complex, the owner confronts many challenges in maximizing the project’s development potential. Read more.

commercialCommercial -- As land becomes increasingly expensive and new development regulations are imposed, creative site designs become a requirement, not an option. Read more.

local, state and federalLocal, State & Federal -- As the demand increases for new or renovated infrastructure and facilities, public agencies at all levels are having to deal with the fiscal and environmental challenges related to solving these issues. Read more.

natural resourcesNatural Resources -- coming soon. Read more.

utilitiesUtilities -- As demand increases for additional service from existing utility infrastructure, public and private utility providers must contend with many fiscal and environmental issues. Read more.

industrialIndustrial -- Increasing stormwater management regulations, monitoring requirements and facility site costs call for creative design solutions. Read more.