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Koontz-Bryant recently attended the Virginia Recreation and Park Society conference. Our Director of Landscape Architecture, Bob Fitz, is seen here in front of our exhibitor's booth speaking with next year's host, John Carnifax, Director of Parks & Recreation for James City County. 
Bob Fitz and John Carnifax
Bob Fitz and John Carnifax


Hanover County Parking Ordinance

Koontz-Bryant's Director of Civil Engineering, Paul Hinson, P.E., worked with Hanover County on a committee that reviewed the Hanover County Parking Ordinance as it relates to the requirements for number of parking spaces, design of access drives and other issues addressed in the Ordinance.  The ordinance is contained in the Hanover County Code as an Appendix, Zoning Ordinance, Title I, Article 7 Sections 1 and 2.  The Planning Commission is reviewing the changes in the next month and the revised ordinance should be published for public comment in the coming months.  If you have any questions, please send them to Paul's attention for consideration.


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September 2012

Thunderstorms, heatwaves, and power outages have kept a lot of us on our toes this summer. Good news is tomatoes are better than they've ever been and lobster is less expensive than balony! We've had celebrations of 20 year anniversaries, new births, new additions to our team, and new projects this summer. We are looking forward to starting the fall with better weather and a busier season.

Chesterfield Working to Adopt New FEMA Flood Maps


Flood Rate Map
Chesterfield Flood Rate Map

Koontz-Bryant has received inquiries by our clients concerning the revised Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Chesterfield County. The revised maps are not currently posted on the FEMA website but are available for review at the Environmental Engineering Office located at the Chesterfield Courthouse Complex. FEMA adopted the new maps June 18, 2012 and Chesterfield has until December 18, 2012 to amend the County Flood Ordinance. The current maps are based on a 1983 flood study and will be replaced by maps based on more recent studies and newer technology.  READ MORE

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