July 2017
Koontz Bryant Johnson Williams -
In case you missed it, that's our new name! Koontz-Bryant, Geo-Solutions and Willmark Engineering have just merged. We are adjusting well to our new venture and are looking forward to continue sharing our news with our new and existing friends, colleagues, clients and vendors! 

Most people
believe that elevations on an engineering plan are based on mean sea level, and that North is a fixed direction based on the geographic position of the earth's North Pole. In reality the elevation of mean sea level varies along the coast, and, like our planet, True North constantly changes. The State Plane Coordinate System is man's best attempt to define a coordinate system on a sphere (our planet) instead of a flat piece of paper. The process is further complicated by the fact that the earth is not smooth but has mountainous and desert areas. Mountains in near Denver are over 9000 feet tall and parts of New Orleans are actually below sea level...READ MORE 

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