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5 Things You Didn't Know About...
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February 1990

Nelson Mandela is released from Victor Verster Prison...
February 2015
Snow, Snow and more Snow!


As the temperature continues to drop and the area prepares for yet another bout of snow, we ask you to stay safe and remember that spring is just around the corner. What's helping us get through this cold weather is knowing that in just a few months the KB Team of Killer Bees will once again be participating in the annual Innsbrook Connect 4 Miler happening this June!


By Greg Koontz, PE, LS, President, Koontz-Bryant       


I have worked in site engineering for quite a long time - longer than I would like to admit! When I went through high school we all had slide rules. One of my favorite teachers was my physics teacher - he had a monster slide rule hooked to the black board and could get an answer faster than anyone in the class. I can still remember him counting out the decimal places. In the mid to late 70's calculators...READ MORE 


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