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Spotlight: Motel Asbestos Survey

By Ron Etter, Environmental Group Manager, Koontz-Bryant, P.C.


Koontz-Bryant, PC was contracted to conduct a renovation and demolition asbestos survey of a 162 Room vacant motel and restaurant located on a 3.68 acres site in Petersburg, VA.


Identify asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) present at the site for an out of state investor to accurately determine budget costs and help them understand Virginia asbestos regulations. Koontz-Bryant was responsible for determining actual demolition costs including abatement and disposal. The Owner needed the reports completed on a constrained schedule in order to meet the closing deadline to acquire the property.


Sampling and analysis of building material components including roofs, pipe chases, windows, walls, ceilings, boiler rooms, kitchens, chiller tower, and pool filtration ancillary equipment indicated the presence of asbestos and hazardous materials. A comprehensive report was created to identify the type, location and estimated quantity of asbestos and hazardous materials.


101 samples were analyzed for asbestos content. Required asbestos abatement (removal) of window glazing, cooling tower, and boiler room components were identified to occur prior to demolition at the site’s structures.


Based on Koontz-Bryant’s efforts and reports, the Owner was able to accurately determine the total cost of developing the Property. The owner was also able to determine a schedule and budget for the demolition and development of the Property that will limit delays and extra cost throughout the life of the project. All this was completed ahead of schedule allowing the Owner to close on the property by the original deadline.

Ron Etter has a geat deal of experience working with clients on asbestos and hazardous material abatement. If you need any help or have any questions please email or call him at 804-200-1920.