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Congratulations Matt Faris, a Certified Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Member

Matt Faris, PE, Project Manager for Koontz-Bryant Commercial group completed 28 hours of hands-on CERT Training in the areas of search and rescue, disaster triage, medical operations (triage, evacuation and patient evaluation), disaster psychology and other related areas.

CERT training provides basic emergency skills needed immediately following a major disaster, when emergency services may not be available and when residents may have to rely on each other for life-saving and life-sustaining needs. CERT volunteers learn how to provide help for family and neighbors in emergency situations – whether caused by terrorism, technological disasters or severe weather.

Some interesting facts:

  • The certification is as Basic Level Community Emergency Response Team – Chesterfield County.
  • There are currently about 900 CERT members in Chesterfield County.
  • CERT members are called on for public awareness, disaster training exercises, assisting professionals (EMT, Fire) before, during and after emergency events.
  • CERT members are expected to take the lead in any neighborhood emergency to assist in disaster relief.
  • The CERT motto is:  “The greatest good for the greatest amount of people.”

The program is strictly volunteer, and includes citizens from all walks of life.

If you would like to learn more about Matt Faris, PE, Project Manager for Koontz-Bryant Commercial group and his CERT Training contact him at 804-200-1935 or via email.