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"Lava" as a puppyOver the years Koontz-Bryant has worked closely with Ric Rowland from Landtell, LLC. We have been so impressed with what Ric does in addition to his “day job” that we wanted to let our readers know about his amazing work helping the disabled through a guide dog training program. We’ve truly enjoyed meeting some of his “students/dogs” over the years. For the past 18 months we had the good fortune to meet “Lava” at our Koontz-Bryant office. Ric works with dogs like Lava for about 18 months with basic training and exposure to work, family and life around town on a daily basis. After this initial training the dogs are sent to a professional trainer where they learn more skills to help those with disabilities as you can see from this video featuring blind singer Blessing Offor.

We’re looking forward to getting to know Ric’s newest dog, Jasper, as he begins his initial training as a guide dog.