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From the Field to the Office – John Hiatt Takes on a New Role


John Hiatt was originally hired as rodman for the Koontz-Bryant survey department almost eighteen years ago. After several years of service he worked his way up the ranks to the position of party chief and served in that role for 15 years. Recently John has again been promoted and can now be seen in the office, working as a Survey Cadd Technician. This is a big change for the Koontz-Bryant veteran who spent most of his working career outdoors. When asked about what he is looking forward to in this new position, John said “I am excited to learn and master the other side of being a land surveyor. The many years of field experience gives me a great advantage in processing field data and preparing field maps.” One of John’s goals is “to take my time and learn as much as possible to be efficient and fluent on the computer.” Even though John has been a part of the Koontz-Bryant team for many years, the office staff is very glad to be able to see him more regularly. Please join us in welcoming John to the other side of the Koontz-Bryant doors!