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DCR Grant Program
Are You Eligible for a Grant?

Do you or your organization own a regulated dam?
Does your government agency need to improve your 100-year flood plain warning system, educational programs or need additional improvements?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may be eligible for up to a 50% matching grant to assist you with costs to prepare engineering plans or flood control projects.

*Grant applications are due June 1st, 2012*

Public and private dam owners can use the grant to assist with paying for::
• Dam break inundation zone analysis, mapping and/or digitization
• Emergency Action Plan development
• Incremental damage analysis
• Engineering for dam repairs

Government entities may use the grants for flood prevention and protection, including:
• Locality flood warning and response systems such as reverse 911 and IFLOWS
• Improvements to locality floodplain program and acceptance in community rating system
• Locality floodplain information and educational programs

If your dam is up for recertification in the near future, it will most likely be required to provide at least one of the items in the list of eligible grant uses. Most dams will need to at least prepare inundation zone mapping and an incremental damage analysis. Hazard classifications changed in 2008 and it is possible that your dam will be subject to additional regulation and additional study.

If you are interested in learning more about the DCR Grant Program, need assistance with a grant application or need a proposal to provide these services for your grant application, please contact Paul Hinson, P.E., LEED AP at 804-200-1914 or by email.